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Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys, situated in Centurion and Randburg, is a dynamic premier labour and commercial law firm that was established in 2009 and founded by Juan-Henry Cavanagh and Daniel-Ross Richards.

The firm, assisted by a team of Attorneys and Advocates, offers its services to all citizens. We specialize in commercial, corporate, civil litigation and labour law matters.

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Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys Juan-Henry Cavanagh



Mr. Cavanagh is a Director and co-founder of Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys. Mr. Cavanagh completed his Baccalaureus Legum (LLB) degree, Magister Legum (LLM) and Law School at The University of Pretoria.

He was admitted as an attorney of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces. In the same year he completed a certificate in Advanced Labour Law with a distinction at The University of Pretoria. Mr. Cavanagh completed multiple certificates in various aspects of Labour Relations/Labour Law. These courses gave him a fundamental understanding of the following principles: disciplinary hearings, client workplace audits, representation and conducting of union negotiations, collective bargaining, management and industrial action, incapacity enquiries, drafting of employment agreements, conciliations and arbitrations at the CCMA and Bargaining Councils, dismissals for operational requirements, Employment Equity, Skills Development Act, Extension of Security of Tenure Act, UIF and OHSA, double jeopardy, inconsistency in labour relations, company disciplinary actions, settlement agreements and polygraph testing.

Mr. Cavanagh was employed with Fourie and Fismer Incorporated Attorneys as a candidate attorney. His Principals during this time were Mr. C.P Fourie who was the President of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces and Mr. C. Fismer who is the President of the South-African Gambling Board.

His services at Fourie and Fismer Incorporated Attorneys gave him knowledge and experience in civil litigation, contract law, third party law, labour law, divorce and debt collecting. Mr. Cavanagh further gained excessive experience at SEESA (Small Employer Entities South Africa) Labour Consultants and NEASA (National Employers Association South Africa) Employers Organisation in all aspects of labour law.

Mr. Cavanagh was invited to become a South-African Golden Key member for outstanding achievements in acquiring his masters’ degree in law of contracts” to “acquiring his master degree (LLM) in law of contracts. Through his acquaintances at Fourie and Fismer Incorporated Attorneys, SEESA and NEASA he is involved in the daily corporate networking between clients, associates and colleagues, and walks hand in hand with leading corporate businessmen.

Mr. Cavanagh has built a very good reputation in the labour and contract legal fields and is already well- known and referred to as an expert in these legal fields by clients, associates and colleagues.


Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys Juan-Henry Cavanagh Ross RichardsROSS RICHARDS


Mr. Richards is a Director and co-founder of Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys. Mr. Richards completed his Baccalaureus Legum (LLB) degree at the University of Pretoria and has right of appearance in the High Courts of South Africa.

Mr. Richards was employed with Fourie and Fismer Incorporated Attorneys as a candidate attorney. His principles were Mr. C.P. Fourie who, at that stage, was the President of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces and Mr. C. Fismer, President of the South African Gambling

Before being formally admitted as an attorney of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces, he gained extensive knowledge and experience in civil litigation, contract , third party claims, labour law, divorce matters and debt collecting matters. Mr. Richards completed a certificate in Advanced Labour Law with a distinction at The University of South Africa. Mr. Richards is currently busy with his Magister Legum (LLM) in Commercial Law and will be completing the degree in 2018. Mr. Richards was later employed at KPMG as a legal advisor obtaining extensive experience in

financial legal matters, commercial law and corporate law.

Subsequently Mr. Richards was employed as the Group Legal Advisor at Primedia Unlimited specialising in commercial-, corporate-, competition-, labour-, marketing- and media law. Mr. Richards was responsible for the drafting of all corporate and commercial legal agreements and documents. He also provided legal advice to the company and its board of shareholders and directors in all areas of their business.

Mr. Richards further has extensive experience in commercial litigation, corporate governance, financing and business transactions within several jurisdictions in Africa. Mr. Richards has strong management skills and maintain excellent business relationships with his clients and colleagues within the legal communities.





After an extensive academic background of lecturing on law of contracts, labour law and law of negotiable instruments, Mr. Loots entered the formal legal profession after obtaining his LLB at Potchefstroom University of Christian Higher Education in 1993.

He completed his articles at Botes & Raubenheimer, in 1997 and was admitted as an attorney of the High Court in 1998. His practice as an admitted attorney started in the commercial and litigation division of Botes & Raubenheimer where Mr. Loots fine-tuned his expertise in high court litigation. At the turn of the century, Mr. Loots opened his own firm, JJ Loots Incorporated.

Whilst the firm’s overall focus was to ensure a 360-degree service to its clients, from collections to contracts, Mr. Loots proceeded to become an expert in High- and Magistrate Courts litigation, with a focus on banking law and disputes and contracts relating to the

construction sector.

After joining Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys, Mr. Loots is firmly established as a civil litigation expert with over 20 years’ experience and brings a strong and charismatic aspect to the clients of Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys.



Mr. Bouwer obtained his LLB degree at Unisa. He is an admitted attorney and a member of the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management.

Mr. Bouwer is an innovative and detail orientated individual and believes that there is no substitute for exceptional and focused work ethic combined with professional service. His approach is towards adapting to the individual needs of each client. He completed his studies and articles simultaneously at Cronje De Waal – Skhosana Inc and was subsequently admitted to practice as an attorney.

He has the Right of Appearance in the High Court in terms of section 4(2) and his primary focus and experience is towards civil litigation in the High Court. He has a broad experience and knowledge base covering civil litigation, labour- and contract law with emphasis on

result driven litigation.

His private time is spent “4×4 off-roading” and exploring South Africa and beyond.

Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys Stella-Marie GeldenhuysSTELLA-MARI GELDENHUYS


Ms. Geldenhuys obtained her Baccalaureus Legum (LLB) degree at The University of Pretoria. Academically Stella-Mari performed very well and that shows her willingness to work hard.

During Ms. Geldenhuys’ final year at University she worked at the University’s Law Clinic providing a voluntary service to people who could not afford legal advice. During her year at the Law Clinic she was mostly exposed to family law (divorce and maintenance).

Ms. Geldenhuys was employed at Erasmus Scheepers Attorneys as a candidate attorney where she was exposed to most legal fields, which fields include labour practice, family, criminal matters and general civil litigation law.

Later that same year Stella-Mari ceded her articles and joined Savage Jooste & Adams Incorporated where she was furthermore exposed to personal injury litigation (third party matters against the Road Accident Fund), medical malpractice, commercial law and general litigation, insurance- and general liability law matters. Ms. Geldenhuys joined the Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys legal team’s commercial department.

Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys Juan-Henry Cavanagh Dawie CoetzerDAWIE COETZER


Mr. Coetzer completed his Baccalaureus Legum (LLB) degree at the University of Pretoria where he has competed in, and triumphed in numerous moot court matters.

H e completed his articles at Serfontein, Viljoen & Swart Attorneys (”SVS”) where he was quick to continue his development as an avid litigator. During his articles he gained experience in general litigation matters in the High- and Magistrate Courts, as well as handling criminal and maintenance matters.

He completed his board exams whilst in the employ of SVS, before being formerly admitted as an attorney of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces. Mr. Coetzer remained in the employ of SVS as a practicing attorney, broadening his knowledge and experience in

litigation matters.

Mr. Coetzer has extensive experience in labour matters, both at the CCMA as well as the labour court. He has further broadened his repertoire in opposed divorces, criminal trials as well as damages claims. He has particular interest and experience with medical malpractice matters. With regards to non-litigious matters, Mr. Coetzer has a wealth of experience in drafting of all types of contracts, trusts and formal legal documents.

Mr. Coetzer ultimately focuses on obtaining the best possible result for the clients of Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys whilst building prosperous client-attorney relationships.



Ms. Lombard obtained a B.Comm Law degree (cum laude) and a LLB degree (cum laude), both at the University of Pretoria. Ms. Lombard thereafter gained experience in the academic environment whilst being employed at the University of Pretoria as an Academic Associate.

She served articles of clerkship at Van Schalkwyk Attorneys, gaining valuable experience in a variety of fields in the legal profession, including general civil litigation, family matters (divorce, maintenance, domestic violence and children), corporate matters and debt collection.

Ms. Lombard was admitted as an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa. She continued to practice as an attorney at Van Schalkwyk

Attorneys, where-after she joined Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys.

Ms. Lombard believes in service excellence and providing the best service to all clients.

Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys Toby Schmahl



Mr. Schmahl completed his LLB at the University of Pretoria.

Mr. Schmahl was employed at Cilliers and Reynders Incorporated as a candidate attorney during 2010. He gained further experience at Jay Incorporated where-after he joined Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys.

His practice is centered on criminal defense, civil litigation, legal research and family law. His focus, and indeed Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys’ focus, is to provide clients with high quality legal services.





Ms. Loots completed her Baccalaures Legum (LLB) at the University of Pretoria in 2016 and found great interest in the field of Labour law and decided to do her dissertation pertaining to the subject of Restraint of Trade.

She was employed by De Oliveira Serrão Attorneys as a candidate attorney where she was exposed to legal fields such as immigration law, family law and general civil litigation. She ceded her articles and joined Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys where she further intends to gain knowledge in commercial litigation and labour law practice. Ms. Loots is a team player and enthusiastically embrace change.

She has the ability and unwavering commitment to exceed customer expectations. Ms. Loots will be admitted as an attorney during the course of 2019.



Ms. Brown completed her LLB degree at the North West University. She has been a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society since 2014. Ms. Brown has a keen interest in constitutional law and wrote her dissertation on the subject.

During 2017 she was a legal intern at the Community-Law Centre of the North West University where she gained extensive experience in family-, contract- and labour law. She worked as a candidate attorney at Viljoen-French and Chester Incorporated during February 2018 to August 2018 where she gained experience in debt collection, aviation- and family law.

In September 2018, Ms. Brown joined Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys to gain further experience in commercial-, labour-, criminal- and civil law.

She strives to always deliver exceptional service, keeping the best interests of her clients at heart.

Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys Annette Cavanagh Office ManagerANNETTE CAVANAGH


Ms. Cavanagh has more than 21 years of experience in the Law industry.

She has a sound track record of strong performance in high-volume, high-pressure environments and skillfully manages office staff relationships, administrative duties and finances. Ms. Cavanagh is a Paralegal Secretary and Personal Assistant to the Directors and ensures the smooth operation of the firm with her robust knowledge of law office management.





Nadia has gained extensive experience in the financial field through senior accountant and management roles.

In addition, Nadia has expertise in consulting and supporting computerized accounting systems, as well as financial statutory services. With her professional and positive attitude, Nadia makes the bookkeeping processes a huge success within the firm.




Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys Danielle Botes Receptionist & SecretaryDANIELLE BOTES


Ms. Botes joined Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys as the receptionist and secretary. Her day-to-day role includes greeting clients and helping to answer any questions that they may have, as well as completing all day to day secretarial duties.

Ms. Botes assists in ensuring the smooth running and efficiency of our reception and administration department. She is currently in the process of obtaining her Higher Certificate of Economic and Management Science at UNISA, after which she intends to study towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Economic and Business Management Science. She furthermore intends to obtain her LLB degree in the near future.



Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys in Randburg Maritsa Coetzee Receptionist & SecretaryMARITSA COETZEE


Mrs. Coetzee is exceedingly knowledgeable in understanding and optimizing daily operations due to her extensive background in administration and customer satisfaction whilst working as a receptionist, personal assistant and administrative assistant in various companies.

With an ever-present positive and energetic attitude, Mrs. Coetzee is vital to the unrivaled service that Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys deliver to its clients.